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We are one of the brands you can trust. We provide you with the best set of 14 seater minibuses that will meet the needs of your group. The city has some areas of attraction, and we are available to get you to these places in an excellent manner. We know you want to get the best experience and this is one of the reasons we are in this business. We are not satisfied until our customers are happy. This has spotted us from the crowd as the majority of our customers are happy with our attitude towards customer satisfaction. Many of our clients now take it as their responsibility to refer more customers to us. This is because we have succeeded in satisfying their needs and they want their friends to also get the same experience. We also want you to have a taste of our professional service delivery. We are sure to say that you will have no regrets.

Our pricing system also distinguishes us from our competitors. Even with the fact that our services are of excellent quality, we also make sure that we do not lose clients because of our pricing system. The prices we place on hiring our classy vehicles are very affordable. We also save you the cost of renting more than one bus for your group trip.  We can provide you with some spacious minibuses that can comfortably accommodate your luggage. Therefore, there is no space issue with us. When you pay for our service, be sure that we will always beat your expectation. We pay much attention to the needs of our customers to make sure that we do not give unnecessary excuses to as why some of their requirements are not met. Our services are well tailored to the point that every customer becomes a satisfied client. Kindly fill our online booking form, and we will get everything set for your journey to be a memorial. We take delight in ensuring that our customers are very comfortable whenever they board our vehicle.
Our vehicles are gotten from top world manufacturers, and they are regularly replaced to avoid a breakdown in the course of any journey. They are routinely checked by our technicians to avoid some traveling hassles. They are also clean, meeting up with all sanitary standards.

Do you need a 14 seater minibus for your holiday trip, wedding anniversary, birthday parties, airport pick up and another event? Then you are in the right place because all we do here is the provision of exceptional services. We get to your pick-up point right on time and get you to your destination as soon as possible. Our drivers are very polite, and they give proper attention to customers in the course of the journey. They make sure that they stick to the needs of the customers. We do not stress our customers, and we ensure that we give them the best form of hospitality.  These drivers are well trained and very skillful in driving. We also perform regular training to ensure that they are well equipped with the best communication skills. Whenever you hire our 14 seater minibus, be sure to know that you will end the transaction happily. Our happiness is that we have been able to satisfy our customers within the few years we have been in this industry.  It is the reason we decided to invest much in the purchase and maintenance of the vehicles.
Our team of customer care representative is also available on a daily basis to perform their administrative duties in a very professional manner, making sure that we leave every client happy. Contact us today for more inquiries.

14 Seater Minibus Taxi

Capacity : 14 Person

Air Condition : Dual Zone
Transmission : Automatic

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