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London is one of the most amazing spots for filming and photoshoots. Most film producers are looking for the best in a class beautiful location for their photoshoot. We at London Minibus is ready to offer you excellent minibus hire services suitable for your photoshoots in more luxurious facilities. Our primary purposes are to provide quality transportation for your needs and save your day. We are ready to bring you the most astounding film shoot minibus hire service. Our high-quality service is available at the lowest price range when compared to others. We mainly gathered years of experience in the industry and partnered with the producers for giving excellent outstanding movie production.

Why Choose Us?
We take pride ourselves in offering an exceptional level of service to our customers excellently. We at London Minibus Hire mainly works on providing the complete level of services with professionalism, high quality, reality, and cleanliness. When you are looking to hire a minibus, then London Minibus is your best choice for getting the whole way of transportation facilities. We ensure that your journey is stress-free to the maximum and saves your money.
⦁ Secure Designated Driver
⦁ Safest Routes
⦁ GPS Enabled Minibuses
⦁ Wide fleet of classy vehicles
Luxurious Filming Minibus:
We successfully displayed the highest level of competence, experience, and consistency in the industry. Our filming minibus hire allows you to get satisfied with giving the best quality service conveniently. Whether you are looking for hiring the bus for your film shoot or photoshoot, we ensure to provide you with a variety of coaches in an efficient way. We offer 8 seater, 9 seater, 10 seater, 11 seater, 12 seater, 13 seaters, and even 24 seater minibusses for hire. London is filled with the most fantastic site of attractions, and London is also the center for tourism. Now you have excellent opportunities for exploring the beauties. Mainly, London attracts most of the film producers across the world, and we ensure to give you complete transportation facilities for your high-end photoshoots.
⦁ Explore more beauties
⦁ Lots of London attractions site
⦁ Outstanding minibusses
⦁ Filmic functions
⦁ Best shooting experience
⦁ Strong pillar in the industry
⦁ Television, film and the music industry
⦁ Unbeatable Results
⦁ Team of excellent technicians
⦁ Best conditions Minibusses
⦁ Last-minute booking
⦁ Excellent customer service

Full Maintained Vehicles:

All of the vehicles have been modernly designed and provides extreme comfort with the latest safety features. We ensure that you get an enjoyable traveling experience overall, and it is a more convenient option for enjoying the photoshoot with more entertainment. Our drivers are uniformed and wholly checked so that they would give you peace of mind on transportation. We also cater for Private Hire as well as Business customers. All of the minibusses are maintained with an exceptional standard and conveniently undergo regular maintenance with the inspections. Our drivers mainly undertake regular driver training schemes that meet all the highest standard for your safe driving.

Safety Journey:
We have a fleet of minibusses available to meet your transportation needs. in fact, our minibusses are mainly furnished with many electronic gadgets for eliminating boredom. Our filming minibuses hire services primarily serviced by the professional technician to ensure that you enjoy all trips more convenient. We are ready to giving you the comfort and safety aspects to the highest esteem. We make sure that buses meet with all kinds of sanitary standards with the best customer satisfaction.


London Filming Minibus 8 to 16 Passengers

Capacity : 08 Person To 16 Person Bus With Driver
Doors : 04
Air Condition : Dual Zone
Transmission : Automatic

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